I havn’t run out of words.

Resting. I’m just taking a break from letting them all out on here. There’s so much brainfuzz about everything still, as always – but I guess I’ve just been letting them out in different ways or folding them up at work.

It’s nice – a lot of people don’t realise it, but I am a very sociable creature. I might have a high level of intolerance to the general populous – but I go utterly stir crazy if I don’t get to speak to someone on a regular basis.

But what HAVE I been doing you will likely want to know? What have I been up to instead.

Well – I finally splashed out, went mad, absolutely bananas and bought the new camera I wanted for so long! Pricey, and I didn’t quite get all the lenses and accessories for it yet – but it’s mostly there! Can’t wait till I can pickup the super-wide I’ve wanted for years – but in the mean time it’s still fantastic. I’ve shot all sorts already with my new 60D and havn’t found fault with it – it’s much more versatile and useful in low light that my poor old 400D ever was, and I even have a battery grip and proper timer for it, so I can time lapse without an AC adapter and a laptop.

Best you go and take a look at some of the pictures I have taken with it so far, they are further down in the post – but also, while I am here, here are some of the time lapse I have produced!

I’m only just getting started with it really, and these are essentially testers – but I am already learning some interesting techniques and cool things I can do afterwards in Premiere to give more life to the videos. Can’t wait for some decent weather or a good clear night so I can get out and shoot some really cool stuff to chuck together – I may even try a nice late night urban one if I get the chance! Always fancied time-lapsing some roads!

Another item on the old agenda is drivelapse- I have a nice new suction cup mount to test out with it, so once I get a chance to plan a trip I can see how that works out as well!

On top of all that I have decided to start/attempt to create YouTube videos of games in a lets-play style/commentary etc… I’ve watched many people do it for a while now, and while I have no idea if its anything I am good at or well be good at, I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon and have a go at least! People have suggested I may be amusing to listen to, so will have to pick something soon and have a crack. Nothing might ever appear from this pipe dream (once I realise I am awful at it). But just bear in mind you might see something soon!

Anyway, to wrap it up- I’m particularly pleased with the following picture:

And just for further reference, here’s the rest of 2013 so far!

      That’s all for now.

      End of line.

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      1. charlotte kirk says:

        Love the videos, they are all good, but I have to say the one of you playing games is strangly watchable, love the randomness and fast paced crazyness of it! haha, good skills you well done :) xxxxxxxx

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